KSLA-TE Masters Paper Award

KSLA-TE Masters Paper Award Winner Celebrated

The Keystone State Literacy Associations Teacher Educator Group (SIG) is seeking nominees for next year’s Master’s Research Paper Award. See information below for specifics:

To apply for the Master’s Research Paper Award

Master’s research papers may include papers written to complete requirements for a Master’s or Specialist degree program, (e.g., action research, commentary, capstone paper, theoretical paper or thesis).

  1. Entries should be in the form of a manuscript and should not exceed 3750 words (15 pages). Manuscripts must be typewritten and double-spaced, including quotes and references. Tables and appendices that provide essential information (e.g., instrumentation or other procedures central to the investigation) may be included. References, tables, and appendices will not be counted as a part of the total number of pages or word count.

The title page should provide the following information:

  • complete title of the paper
    • name of the university
    • name and number of the course for which the paper was written
    • date the course or paper was completed
    • name, mailing address, and e-mail address of the faculty sponsor
    • name, mailing address, e-mail address, KSRA membership #, and telephone number of the   applicant.

An abstract of 75-150 words should provide a summary of the purpose and major findings of the study. The title of the study should appear on the abstract, but there should be no other identifying information.

2.   Entries must be accompanied by a signed letter from the faculty sponsor on official letterhead indicating the course for which the paper was written and the date of completion of the course or attesting to the degree and the date of its award. Letters on electronic letterhead with a scanned signature may be emailed to Dr. Catherine McGeehan at mcgeehan@kutztown.edu.

3.   Master’s or Specialist degree scholarly works completed between December 1, 2017 and June 1, 2019 will be considered. More than one master’s research paper may be submitted from a single university.

4.   The applicant’s degree program can be in any discipline; however, the topic of the paper must have direct relationship to an aspect of literacy.

5.   Entries should conform to the official style of the sponsoring university or the APA style guidelines for manuscript submissions.

6.   An entry may be eliminated from the competition if the applicant fails to follow submission guidelines, exceeds word limits, or submits an incomplete entry. Final determination will be made by the chair of the KSLA-TE Research Committee.

7.   All entries will be judged by no fewer than two judges who are members of KSLA-TE. The decision of the judges will be final.

8. Winner will present at the KSLA-TE research round table session at the KSLA conference, receive conference registration and hotel fees and be invited to the KSLA Awards luncheon where they will receive their award.

E-mail master’s research paper entries to Cathy McGeehan by August 1, 2019 to mcgeehan@kutztown.edu. Send documents as PDF (preferred) or Word attachments including the title page, abstract, and manuscript. Signed letters from the faculty sponsor may be emailed to mcgeehan@kutztown.edu.